Phalaenopsis & Paphiopedilum Potting Mix

OS Phalaenopsis & Paphiopedilum potting mix 3 Litre to 40 Litre-Orchid Potting Mixes-0.00
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Phalaenopsis & Paphiopedilum Potting Mix

Orchid Supplies UK Paph & Phal mix is a blend of quality medium grade orchid bark (12mm-20mm fragments) and horticultural foam, this blend is only supplied by orchid supplies UK.

A 12 cm pot holds approximately 1 litre

The medium bark is of good quality and the horticultural foam retains some moisture whilst creating an airy medium.

This blend it freshly hand prepared and whilst it is promoted as a Paphiopedilum & Phalaenopsis mix it would suit many orchids.

NOTE- Due to the change in the medium bark size of 12mm - 20mm we have taken the decision to no longer include small bark in this mix.

Coconut husk is no longer used in our mixes.








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