Orchid Potting Media

Create your own potting mix blend from these quality ingredients or use them on their own, don't forget our own blend of Paphiopedilum & Phalaenopsis mix or general orchid mix.

Our medium grade orchid bark is only available from us in the UK and is used in our quality hand prepared potting mixes.

Medium grade bark, Sphagnum moss, Rockwool cubes and Clay pebbles can all be used on their own as a potting media, many use Sphagnum moss for Masdevallia and Pleuro's or other fine rooted orchids. Rockwool cubes are popular for Phragmipediums.

Bark can be used for many orchids.

Clay pebbles can be used for semi-hydroponic culture(sitting in water),  as a normal media or for humidity/drip trays.

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OS Medium Grade Orchid Bark(15-25mm)5Ltr-10Ltr-20Ltr-40Ltr
This quality medium grade orchid bark(approx 15-25mm fractions) can be used alone or as a base ..
OS-Small Grade Orchid Bark(5-15mm) 3Ltr-5Ltr-10Ltr-20Ltr-40Ltr
Small Grade Orchid Bark (5-15mm) Ideal for starting seedlings, potting young plants or ..
10 mm Rockwool Cubes 10Ltr~40Ltr
These 10 mm rockwool cubes are a popular choice for Phragmipedium growers as rockwool has ..
Coarse Perlite(p35) 1-5mm - 5ltr-10ltr-20ltr
This coarse perlite has replaced the standard potting perlite as it is generally more uniform and&nb..
Quality horticultural foam used for addition to orchid potting mixes where a little water retention ..
Hydroponic Clay Pebbles 8 to 16mm-5L-10L-20L
Hydroponic Clay Pebbles (8mm To 16mm Expanded Clay) is ideal for using with humidity trays..
Orchid Potting Kit with FREE GIFT- Choice of 5L PottingMix-4 Pots-Focus-Grow-Bloom
This orchid potting kit is ideal for those who are progressing a little and have a few orchids ..
Super Large Pumice/Perlite-Sponge Rock
Turkish pumice stone rich in minerals 20 - 30mm pieces Super large 20-30mm Pumice -perlite or a..
5 Star Chilean Sphagnum Moss 150g-500g-1KG
5 Star Chilean sphagnum moss, dried and ready to use with addition of water to rehydrate. Soak th..

"Thank you for the delivery! I did receive it a week ago. I am very happy with my purchase. The pots are of better construction than expected. The fertilizer by description is best there is."

P Toth of Sweden

"Very Happy with this website, very helpfull especially about how to water the Orchids"


" just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with my recent order. The quality of the products is great, delivery was quick, and everything was really well packaged. My orchids are repotted and seem happy with their new found space. I'll definitely come to you for all my future purchases. Thanks!"


"Thanks for the last delivery, really pleased with compost( small bark) the ones I have repotted are already looking considerably happier."

S Lee

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